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I’m really fuckin’ bent out of shape at the moment- at things beyond my control.

 Well- they’re within control, but it’s hard to manage a situations when those that need managing refuse to heed good intentions and best-laid plans.

So USUALLY this is when I write a Music blog, but as I am listening to Iron Maiden, I can’t just very well write about them AGAIN. I mean, I could… but that could just bore everyone into disappearing.  let’s just avoid that from happening, okies?

So! Other than that Sitch-a-mation, I will try and think about other things.

Like the fact that I WENT CAMPING! It was a short trip, only a couple of days, and was local- Coyote Lake. I will have to say, it could have been a LOT WORSE than it was. More people were invited than two sites could accomodate, the person that booked the sites neglected to recognize that they were RV sites and we were tent-camping,  and had picked partial-shade sites… Partial Shade in TEN YEARS, as the trees in the area were just planted.  Not to mention a Lake that no one could swim in.

However, as stated, I had an okay time. The fact that I had this-

This is like, thirty seconds before he conked out.

-Made it quite bearable. He was a really good boy- no squabbles, no problems! The first night with him in a tent was a struggle, ’cause he coudn’t find the perfect place to sleep, so he kept moving. But the next night- after a day of walks and running and swimming (as pictured here!) he was a tired little man and slept like a rock. I fussed over him and fed him and took care of him. He was simply amazing.

On the way back from Camping, I got a call from the Optometrist- my glasses were in.

I used my Surplus check to purchase a new pair of glasses since my precription had changed… my eyes are apparently getting worse. It’s pretty bad as is- I’m not legal to drive with out corrective lenses- but it is kind of scary that my eyes are still deteriorating. Nevertheless… I got some pretty neat frames- they are Converse frames with Starsa on the  stems, and I feel so sophisticated! lemme show you.

I look so smart. like I should be a librarian or something. narf

So, I’ll very well possibly be sporting my specs more often. The Camping trip with contacts was just a major pain- has always been. I do LOVE having contacts, though- so I’ll probably just be regularly swaping from glasses to lenses more often… neato-beeto.

And Lastly- the SUMMER MEGAPARTY has Begun! I’m really excited about Matty writing more- a whole two and a half months of DAILY pieces. Sooo cool! Today he wrote about Otter Pops! Yummie.

 However… WaiterBot showed up in a couple of the pictures.

Which means…


Box 23 is alive and afoot.

 Not COOL.

 I mean, it’s cool, but it’s just that…well, As interesting and brain-wracking Box 23 projects are, they scare me really bad too. I can’t explain why. Maybe it’s the way its presented- as sneaking around and deciphering thigs that are “meant” to be hidden. Like… it’s just better to leave it alone, than to dig too deep. It could just be me- If I start something like this- I get too deep-I get obsessed- and my brain goes to hell in a handbasket. I tell ya I was drawing Hssxlllo all over the place last Christmas… and last Easter considering there was a small amount of Box 23 action around then too.


This is hwta I have for now. I’ll hopefully have some more interesting writtings to entertain you with in the next blogie post, but for right now, I’m in crap up to mk knees and need to pull my waders up a little higher. than usual.


6 things.

From The Pilver Here are the rules: 1) Link back to the person who tagged you. 2) Post the rules on your blog. 3) Write six things about yourself. 4) Tag six people at the end of your post by posting links to their blog sites. 5) Let them know they’ve been tagged by leaving a comment on their site. 6) And let your tagger know when your entry is up.


D-uh? I cant-stop-staring.

1. I saw Iron Man this weekend. And I never really liked Robert Downey Jr. before-he’s gott a goofy looking face and then with all of his…issues… meh. Passable. But this Tony Stark guy is a badass. I think it’s the facial hair- or that asshole confidence. I’d love to be his Pepper Potts. Except… I’ll wear a lot of black and rock Iron Maiden.


2. I adore my dog. Cash is my little boy. I always want to express how much I adore him, how I wish I could take him everywhere. For right now, this little Pit Bull is the closest I am to having a child- and I wish people could see that. Cash is the Light of my Life. My life revolves around him and his happiness. I would do anything for him, given the resources. But right now, I am giving him the best life I can. I’m not happy with it. But its the best I can do right now, and I hope he knows that.


3. I don’t know if I ever told any of all y’all… but I have an amazing mental catalogue of wine,  beer and spirits in my head. I spent over 2 years employed at BevMo, which is a mid-range liquor store based in California, that prides itself on the knowledge of its employees. I was a head clerk- think shift leader- and would spend quite a bit of my working time reading, learning and mentally cataloguing information about a variety of wine and spirits. They also sent me to classes and wine tastings to learn about the products I was selling. Talk about an education! 

a tattoo design...

4. Did anyone here know that I can draw? I try and cover it up- in my real life I’m chased to draw tattoos and logos and all that stuff for people who have no interest in paying me. I’ve been approached to draw flash AND learn how to handle a tattoo gun on more than one occasion, but have yet to actually attempt either offer. Has a lot to do with the fellow offering is my BF’s pal and Rudy knows the ups and downs of mixing business and personal relationships- and discourages it.

Power and glory of METAAAAAAL!

5. I need to write up another Metal entry. I haven’t thought about it in a while since I’ve been pretty busy at work, but I’ve been trying to decide who. Motorhead REALLY deserves one, but I just wore them out last month on the CD Player so I should wait until the Taste cycles again. I’ve also been listening to Psychobilly stuff as of late and think a Nekromantix write up could be more than appropriate. I’m sure one will come up soon, but of who? Yo No Se.


6. I am bad at Numbers. Seriously. Like… I switch and reverse and mash numbers together. And fucking FORGET math. I am SO glad we can check our bank accounts online and some machine adds for me- cause I couldn’t do it. I mean- Math is the reason I went to art school. I wanted to be an astronaut. I wanted to be an archaeologist. I wanted to be a Coroner, before wanting to be a Coroner was cool. And why didn’t I do that? Cause all that shit required math. You’re lookin’ at the girl who took 3 years to pass ALGEBRA, and only passed with the help of a meathead jock who would turn around after every lesson and say “Okay. What DID you understand?”

By the way, I keep scrolling up to that Tony Stark picture and sighing.

Okay. so now I gotta tag 6 folks. Do I know Six folks?

Guise,  Kris,  Suspic,  Bill-Will,  Doho,  and cause my list is so dude-heavy… Mystie, if she’s not too busy.



death warmed over…

I feel… uhm. Like the title says. Everything aches. EV-ER-EE-THING. My left knee is throbbing in a way it hasn’t in years. My head is like… is it possible to feel as heavy as a rock and full of helium? Cause that’s how it feels. And I won’t say that I have muscles that I didn’t know I had ache, ’cause I took Anatomy and have a good grasp of the human body. But I didn’t know that my body could ache ALL OVER, ALL AT ONCE.

 And it’s not just ’cause of St. Patricks- a full 8 hr shift of waiting on folks in one of the busiest days of the year. It’s a big factor, but not the defining factor. It’s a mad combination of a little less sleep in order to wake up earlier,  healthy abuse and proper regimens that are all adding up in one big spectacular corporeal car-crash that is my ailing, unhealthy self.

I started jogging, for one. It was kind of for me, but for Cash too. I know I’m never going to have the svelte size-5 figure I had in high school. But I don’t want to succumb to my genes and be like my mum- never shake 4 babies’ worth of baby weight and have to have knee replacement surgery before I retire – though my knee is beginning to look that way anyway, but whatever.

And well, Cash is a big boy and needs exercise in order to be a good, happy dog. The two 1-mile walks a day combined with daily fetching and play sessions were just not getting all that extra energy out and he was becoming destructive and disobedient. So, now that the weather has gotten nicer, we have taken to the idea of hiking and Cash (and us!) enjoy it. And the 1-mile run in the morning combined with a 1-mile walk in the afternoon integrated with training sessions ( he just learned to rollover!) are making Cash a calm, well-adjusted dog. I love it. And it makes me feel good.

I want to jog more, but right now, I’ve only been jogging 1 mile a day at least 4 days a week. It’s not much, but I don’t feel physically able to push myself too far right now. I eat healthy, but don’t physically FEEL healthy. I sit in front of a computer for a living so I need to begin some kind of lifestyle change and I learned from my past experiences that throwing myself into a full-on involved regimen makes me HATE it, which makes it simply useless. Slow and Steady. Not hard, no threats.

 So- all of that, combined with coming off that Cold that knocked me on my ass after that dastardly Vegas trip, combined with Moving around our living room this weekend has just knocked me down and out. Not so much that I can’t work, but good GOD- now I know how a zombe lives. Or… whatever.

By the way- Will-Billy…

It depends on whether people knew if they could FLY before they lost the ability to do so. If people knew they could fly before and can’t now, they’d be Wingless Flies. If they NEVER FLEW, then Evolution would have seen fit to give them a different exoskeleton, and therefore the name of FLY would have never existed for them. They’d be a freaky-ass beetle or something.

yeah. I was really quite pondering that this morning.



it’s been a week since I last posted.

things happened, you know.

and- BulletStyleUpdate!- Go!

 * obviously my Cat wicket died. I posted that wednesday morning. I struggled through both jobs that day, being sent home early from the pub becuase I was told I looked distracted- which I responded to by crying. Real mature.

*Thursday I was a bit better. I had a project due on monday so I was battening down the hatches fo sho. We buried my cat that day and went shopping for kitten food and discussed what we should do. We have decided we are going to get another cat, but we are not sure when. Probably in 8 weeks or so. ( see monday…  )

* Friday was a regular day at work, though still the insanity of the getting the project done. We went to dinner at my compadre’s house. I took an oreo pie that was a TOTAL hit. People got drunk, except for me- the wear of the week hit me good and I fell asleep at about midnight. We finally went home at about 2 am.

* Saturday was mostly spent out of the house. We repaired our dented rim and got new tires all round, then went to the Raiders game. My First Raiders Game. My first FOoTBALL game. Cause highschool doesn’t count. They won. *dances*

* Sunday we went to Abuelita’s ranch,  where we had gorditas and taquitos and drank and talked, Cash in tow. He really liked riding on the golf cart. So much he pushed one of the kids off to ride. Silly dog. I then went home and worked like a fiend for 5 hours on that Bedding project. Killed it. fuckin’sweeeeeeet.

*Monday, started the same ol’, same ol’. Till I got to work and saw Stinky in the closet near my station. WITH KITTENS. She dropped her litter on monday. One looks like racecar, one’s a tabby with a blended white mask, and one’s black with a spot on his chest. I’m guessing I’ll have the pickof the litter… but I need to get to know them before I decide who- probably not the tuxedo fellow- looks too much like racecar.

 And that’s that, so far. Sorry for not being controversial or deep. I’m kind of work out due to this bedding project. Maybe later. Tomorrow. Or not. Dunno.

Keeps ya in suspense and shit.


Lemme tell ya about CASH.

If you haven’t explored this blog,  you may be confused about my title. Because I’m going to talk about Cash. Not cash-money, though we call Cash that sometimes. We also hear the whole phrase- “cash-money-hunner’ dollar bills y’all” on a regular basis. It’s cute, we like it.

Yeh. Cash is our Dog.  Which- you know, of course- gets funny looks when we use it in a sentence. “Is the campground cool with Cash?”  “Of Course- they just don’t take checks.” har de fucking har. We originally named him after Johnny Cash- he likes to sing along with him.

We love our dog- he’s a clown and a riot. He’s got a wacky sense of humor; he loves to be chased, has no problem with clipping and hip-checking, and gets off on people reacting to him. He’s also learned a bevy of tricks, is very well behaved around small ckildren and animals, and loves people and other dogs.

Our problem is – lemme show you.


rudy & cash

Cash is a pureblood Blue Nose American Pit Bull Terrier. 72 ponuds of dog. Which is HUGE for a pit bull. When we got him at 10 weeks, people thought he was cute. Now- people cross the street. We knew this was gonna happen, we just didn’t know the extreme of it.

We are very responsible owners. We didn’t clip his ears in fear it would make him scary-looking. He’s registerred with the city, microchipped, had his shots, and he’s neutered- which rudy and I sometimes regret.  

Not becuase of the money- never becuase of that. Cash is a beautiful dog with an amazing personality, and we think that the puppies he could have produced would be an excellent example of how these dogs make GREAT pets. But we decided that for his health and safety that it would not be a good idea to keep him intact. We’ve already had too many unsolicited inquires about his lineage that we fear that if we DID keep him intact, he would have disappeared from our backyard months ago. 

Infact, Rudy and I have scripted lines when people ask us about our dog, and we never allow anyone else to walk him unless we are with them, or if we’ve taught them what to say…

“We’re not interested in breeding. He’s neutered. No, he does not have papers. If you want one like him, his breeder is is Gilroy. We don’t know how much he is. “

As soon as we disclose he’s got no balls, people leave us alone.

What irks us the most is that our dog is judged by his breed, and not his personality. We’ve been told to leave a campground by management becuase our dog has “Aggressive Tendencies”- even while he was Petting our dog. We’ve also been able to clear out a dog park as soon as Cash comes off-leash. 

It’s very frustrating. If I try and treat Cash like a Normal dog in public, people think I’m mean and crazy for letting a “dangerous dog” out in public.  But If I try and restrain him so that people will be comfortable around him- prong and buzz collars, or even muzzles- people assume he’s flywheel crazy and don’t even want to look at him for fear he’ll “SNAP.”


I love my dog. Sometimes I wish we had gotten a different breed so we could take him where we want to… but his lovely, wacky personality is a trademark of his breed and the wonderful nutter that is Cash wouldn’t have entered my life.

I wouldn’t give my dog up for anything- even the stigma that comes with his breed- it just lets you know who are “really” dog people…


This blog is about my take on the life that this world has deemed to give me. Sometimes its teh hawtness. Sometimes, esh caca. I write all about it- and rarely pause to form decent grammatical sentences. Or even if it MAKES sense.



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